About Me!

Tori Fleming

Educator and TPT Author

I’m a proud type 1 diabetic who loves to prove people wrong, make learning fun, and make a fool of myself for the sake of helping others learn. I have a passion for history, and found myself frustrated by how hard it can be to teach social studies effectively in the classroom. Not only is social studies often seen as a lesser priority (Both by state testing guidelines and administration expectations), but often there were no resources to teach the state standards in the time I did manage to find! As a result, I started creating resources to use in my own classroom, which turned into starting my business so I can help other educators as well.

You might love me if:
  • You think, “If only there were time… then I could teach social studies!”
  • You wish you were able to find resources that meet your state standards
  • You enjoy cross-curricular assignments and activities that actually challenge and engage your students
  • You absolutely LOVE Dunkin Coffee!